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R Packages

R is a statistical programming language and environment. When we have written code for research projects we feel may be valuable to others, we share our work as add-on packages.

  • nga: NGA Ground Motion Prediction Equations
    This is an implementation of the earthquake ground motion prediction equations released in 2008 as part of the Next Generation Attenuation of Ground Motions (NGA) Project
  • Rvelslant: Downhole Seismic Analysis in R
    A package for interactively analyzing downhole seismic data and interpreting layered velocity models of constant velocity layers accounting for refractions across layer boundaries
  • Rsac: Seismic analysis tools in R
    An attempt to reproduce the most commonly used functions in the LLNL software Seismic Analysis Code (SAC)


We host several geohazards datasets through web-based geographic information systems. Our latest effort is the Geohazard Database Consortium.

The Boston Subsurface Project provides an interface for spatial geo-data related to the greater Boston area.